Value Management

In every design, there’s room for improvement. And in every design, there’s opportunity to save money.

We know. On the surface, these two statements seem to be contradictory. How can cutting costs possibly lead to better project design?

With Hanscomb’s Value Management service, anything’s possible.

As partners in the design process, we’re focused on determining project improvement opportunities throughout every state of a project—from planning through to construction, and all the way to the ribbon cutting ceremony.

That includes improvement opportunities in the scope of the project, function, design, material selection, construction techniques, and more.

As Value Management experts, we’ll create a forum that fosters the development of different ideas and viewpoints. We believe that anyone in any department can bring something positive to the table. So we’ll work hard to generate ideas, encourage viewpoints to be expressed, and then evaluate them for money-saving opportunities.

The search for value doesn’t stop until all viable alternatives have been carefully considered, analyzed, and reviewed.

For project owners, it means confidence knowing they’re getting the best value for their money. And for designers, it means that every decision has been crosschecked and evaluated to make sure it’s the smartest one that will yield the best design possible.


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