Master Plan Estimating

"We get it. Your goal is to receive funding and move your project to the front of the line. Our goal is to help you get the shovel in the ground."

With our Master Plan estimating process, you’ll be able to respond to stakeholder demands and move your project from idea to reality—faster. We do it by estimating the four distinct categories of cost—interior fit-out, building shell, M&E infrastructure, and site development.

The basics are simple—we develop a cost model that’s detailed in project assumptions but flexible enough to help you move the project forward in the face of alternatives, tight timelines, stakeholder demands, presentation requirements, and other factors.

And we do it with the type of detail that answers all the right questions and plans for the unexpected.

The biggest mistake cost estimators make at the Master Plan stage is assuming that standard cost per square foot rates are enough of a guideline. While they help, they’re just a foundation.

We believe it’s crucial to be able to respond to things like building mass, site conditions, and more. That’s why our detailed methodology provides the type of information you need to make smart decisions at the start of the planning process.


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